This is a quality summer program for young students, fully supervised, with daily Tennis traininig (co/ed, from 11 to 20 years old, players are organized per age and level) combined with a complete and fun Spanish Immersion Summer Program in Barcelona.- The Homestay Summer Programs are supervised and the program is especially designed for teenagers including a nice homestay accommodation in centric Barcelona with our group of Spanish families.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, TENNIS SUMMER CAMP
Also available DAY or HALF DAY Tennis Programs without homestay.
Those boys or girls (from 12 years old) who are on vacation with their families in Barcelona, who are interested in joining our
Youth Summer in Barcelona should contact us in May or June to enrol through a Day or Half Day Summer Program
to join our students groups according to their group age and sport.
AVAILABLE DATES: Any week or weeks between Sunday June 24th to Saturday August 4th, 2018.
Arrival and departure dates of the programs are Sundays.
Students can enrol for 1,2,3 or 4 weeks of summer program, any week/s between dates above.
Participants can enroll for 1 or more weeks in the Tennis Program and the next week/s in any other of our Summer Programs.

PARTICIPANTS: Open to boys and girls from 11 to 20 years old with all levels of Tennis and Spanish.
At the Tennis Camp, international participants (mostly from United States, Canada and from several European countries) are mixed with Spanish boys and girls also attending the Tennis Camp. Players are organized according to age and level of Tennis.
ABOUT THE SUMMER PROGRAM: This is a complete summer program for young students who want to improve their level of Tennis and level of Spanish during the summer. Participants will make friends and enjoy a great Homestay. This is a supervised Youth Summer Program with carefully selected homestay in the center of Barcelona with our very nice Spanish host families.
Students choose to be placed alone or with 1 or 2 participants of our teen programs. Boys and girls of the host families also attend our camps.

ABOUT TENNIS: Professional coaches, first class Tennis Club facilites . Tennis players are placed in groups with a professional coach according to their group age and level and tennis experience. Nice Tennis Club in Barcelona. Daily training in the afternoons with professional coaches, co/ed, for all levels. Players are organized in groups per levels, ages and experience.
SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona, TENNIS SUMMER CAMP & SPANISH
INTENSIVE SPANISH CLASSE: daily classes in the mornings, Monday through Friday, with classes for all levels of Spanish: the first day at school new students are placed in class according to their age and level. Our nice Spanish Immersion School is located in the most centric part of Barcelona, walking distance from most of our host families.
Learning material is provided at school according to the students' levels. Students will take a test to be placed with the right class. Our teachers are native of Spain and they are professional teachers with years of experience with young students who love their work.
"Certificate of Studies at the end of the program (upon request).
HOST FAMILY QUESTIONNAIRE: Participants will fill up a Host Family Questionnarie when enrolling in the program to inform us about their preferences regarding the host family in Barcelona.
We will always do our best to match their preferences as much as possible.

  About the Homestay Programs:
Fully supervised teenager summer program with students' selected homestay accommodation in centric Barcelona, placed with our nice Spanish host families the children of similar age. The sons and daughters of our host families will be also attending our Sport Camps together with the students they have at home.

Those Students/Tennis players with their parents in Barcelona, can join us through a DAY/HALF DAY SUMMER PROGRAMS
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