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Erasmus+ KA1 mobility training ICT courses for teachersnstitutions

ICT Courses

in English OR in Spanish

ICT - 1 Week course:
Spanish or English (minimum level B1)
ICT - 2 Week course:
Spanish or English (minimum level B1)
ICT & CLIL - 1 Week course:
Spanish or English (minimum level B1)

Specially designed for teachers interested in applying new technologies in their classes to also empower and support learning. We’ll go over the best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.

Dates and content of courses are fixed according to needs and requests.
Current open dates:
January 23-27 (English)
March 20-24 (Spanish)
June 26-30 (English)
July 31 -August 4 (English
August 7-11(English)
* Course will be in Spanish OR in English according to your choice and level of language.

Erasmus+ KA1 ICT training English OR Spanish courses Barcelona, SpainBcn-Programs

350€ per person including all material + 2 Extracurricular activities (free) guided tour, museum... 

1.- Creativity & ICT in the classroom - SCHOOL ICT 101
2.- Using technology in classroom - SCHOOL ICT 102
3.- Teaching the fun way in the digital era: Game based learning - SCHOOL ICT 103
4.- Creating Digital Educational Resources - SCHOOL ICT 105
5.- Mastering soft skills - SCHOOL ICT 200
6.- ICT courses + language course - SCHOOL ICT 300

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
PIC: 933769240  /  OID: E10139423

    SCHOOLS: Educational Institutions, Primary-Secondary. Teachers, schools leaders, administration and other staff members.
    UNIVERSITIES: Academic staff, teaching or non teaching  and administrative staff
    Barcelona, Spain.
    Address: c/ Pare Lainez, 19  - 08025 Barcelona (Office).
    * There are different school locations depending on the SpainBcn-Program and dates you attend. 
    PIC: 933769240  /   OID:  E10139423
    Courses will be taught in Spanish or in English. Please confirm your dates and language. 
    The course is designed for those who are interested in applying new technologies in their classes, to also empower and support language learning. We’ll see an outlook on best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.
    Depending on the group´s needs and level of participants the content of each course will be adapted to cover:

    - Best apps, web platforms and ICT resources for learning.
    - Adaptation of previously created materials to digital platforms.
    - Creation of creative material for e-learning environments.
    - How to create and use multimedia content to teach: Podcast, Storytelling, Games,..
    - Crosswords and didactic interaction in e-learning platforms.
    - Basic concepts about web design.
    - Improve student participation in the classroom through the use of technologies.
    - Creation of digital content that serves as a complement to textbooks.
    - Activities inside and outside the classroom.  

    1.-     Creativity & ICT in the classroom - SCHOOL ICT 101
    2.-     Using technology in classroom - SCHOOL ICT 102
    3.-     Teaching the fun way in the digital era: Game based learning - SCHOOL ICT 103
    4.-     Creating Digital Educational Resources - SCHOOL ICT 105
    5.-     Mastering soft skills - SCHOOL ICT 200
    6.-     ICT courses + language course - SCHOOL ICT 300 :
                                                                     ICT - 1 Week, Spanish or English (from B1)                                                                                                                                             ICT - 2 Week, Spanish or English (from B1)
                                                                     ICT & CLIL - 1 Week, Spanish or English (from B1)

    Afternoons: classes are Monday through Friday in the afternoon, from 15:30 to 18:30 or from 16:30 to 19:30 
    Classes will be customized according to levels.  
    Cultural activities will be organized according to the class and the group: Guided visit and Historical Route in Gothic and Medieval area in Barcelona
    350€ per person including all material + Extracurricular activity (free) guided tour in the old and Medieval Barcelona.

    * If the scheduled course dates have to be postponed/changed due to an emergency situation, the fees paid will be valid for any other course offered by SpainBcn-Programs during the following 12 months.
    You can use any of the financial sources offered by your University, Erasmus+ Programs (or private, depending on your possibilities). 

    This course is included in the Erasmus+ programme. 
    SpainBcn-Programs' PIC number: 933769240 
    SpainBcn-Programs' OID number: E10139423 

  • Overall objectives of the mobility: 
    Possibility of attending an intensive block course that will be created according to your needs/requests.
    Adding curricular value, improving the quality of the teaching in the EU.
    Increased cooperation with international partners .
  • Added value of the mobility in the context of modernization, internationalization strategies of the institutions involved:
    Depending on the language of the classes, there will be an improvement of Spanish or English, by using the technical vocabulary. Improvement of the language skills in English or Spanish by using them in an Academic Environment .
    Better insight into Spanish culture and way of life, the cultural background and basic linguistic behavior of visitors from Spain, as well as Spanish students.
  • Expected outcomes and impact:
    Improvement of the communication and methodological competences
    Rich talks and discussions with people form Europe. 
    Exploring the links and opposites of every culture and nation. 
    Broader opinions from people considering political, economic or ecological themes. 
    Certificate of Attendance with description of training content, time input and achievement.

    * INSCRIPTION: Contact us to receive the inscription form for theses courses

  • Safety measures have been put in places in all transport options.
  • Face masks are compulsory on all Barcelona for public transport including the Metro, Trams, Trains and Buses, as well as the AeroBus and Taxis from Barcelona Airport and in all the city (and all the country) inside and outside. 

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Health control upon arrival to Spain by air or sea

Health Control upon arrival to Spain by air.

Travellers entering Spain by air or sea from any other country -even countries that are not in the list of risk countries- will need to go through Health Control.

At Barcelona's airport they will ask you for:
- An antigen test, or
- PCR test travel certificate,or
- A vaccine's certificate 

At Barcelona Airport,  the Health Control checkpoint consists of separate lines to go from the Customs area to the Luggage Claim area for travellers arriving from other Spanish destinations and travellers arriving from any other countries.

Travellers arriving from other countries than Spain must follow the Health Control lines.
The Health Control consists of a visual control by Health agents, a temperature control and of handing over your Health Control form (also called FCS form). 

Your temperature will be taken with non contact thermometers or with thermal imaging cameras and you will need to present your Public Health Control Form.

Filling out the Public Health Control Form form is a two stage easy process:

First : After booking your plane tickets, you will need to register on the Spanish Travel Health website.

You will need to provide your name, surname, passport or ID number, flight number, arrival date and email address.

You'll receive the registration confirmation with detailed instructions on how to fill out and when to fill out the Public Health Control Form.
We recommend you create an account or log in your account on the airline website to book your flights so that the Spanish Travel Health website and the public health passenger locator form links are available together with your booking details in your account

Second :  Within 2 days before your flight, you will need to complete the Public Health Control form. You'll be asked a series of health questions.
Upon completion of the form, you will receive a QR code that you will need to show to the Spanish authorities upon arrival at Barcelona airport.
You can either print the QR code or download the QR code app or do a screenshot of the QR code and save it on your mobile phone. 

The Public Health Control Form is also available from the Spain Travel Health-Spth App that you can download on Android and iOS.

If you do not fill out the public health passenger locator form in advance you will have the option to do it on the plane however you'll have to queue upon arrival at Barcelona airport to present your form to the Spanish authorities.

We recommend you fill out the form online within 2 days before your flight so that you'll only have to quickly show your QR code at Barcelona airport without having to queue

After passing the Health Control you’ll be able to collect your luggage at the Luggage Claim. 

Flying from Barcelona Airport
Depending on the Covid-19 travel regulations in place in the country you'll fly from Barcelona airport to, you may need to present a negative PCR test travel certificate upon arrival to that country.

There are many places where you can do it. 

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