The SpainBcn Homestay Programs for our teenagers students offers the exciting chance to becoming part of Spanish life. By staying with one of our carefully selected Spanish family with children of similar age/s,
students strengthen their language skills and steep themselves in the Spanish culture.
Each family has been personally visited and selected by SpainBcn Directors. We know, personally, all our host families. We also try to match as much as possible the preferences of the participants regarding their host family and their accommodation in Barcelona. Please inform us about your requests.According to their preferences, participants of our programs will be acommodated alone with a host family or together in the same host family with 1 or 2 other/s participants of the program. The students will usually have their own bedroom and bathroom or, in some cases, they will share it with the son/s or daughter/s of the host family. All our families take very good care of the students and offer them a warm and kind environment and help the school with the supervision.

Our host families are diverse including several couples with children with similar age to our students and a few young couples without children or older couples with grown children who are no longer at home. Most of the host families that participate in our Summer Programs for teenagers have also children under 18 years old. They all are very nice and well educated people who really like to have our students at home.
Our host families live in some of the nicest and best neighboorhoods in Barcelona and many of them just few minutes walking distance from our school.
The host family will provide all bed linens, pillows and towels the student/s need while staying with them.

* All young participants are picked up in the morning at their host family accommodation to be accompanied to the School and/or to the meeting point in the mornings for the group of players to go to the camp.
* Participants are also accompanied back to the host families in the afternoon after the training or after the cultural activities or the Spanish course (according to their group age and option of program). Most of the studets can go walking to the school as most of them live between 10 to 20 minutes walking distance: during the first days students return to the host families with the group's coordinator/s.
* Older students will learn soon the walk back to the host family.
* Younger students are accompanied by coordinators during all the program.

MEALS: Breakfast and dinner Monday through Saturday and the 3 meals on Sunday are with the host family.
Lunch Monday through Thursday is in the school area and it is not included in the program cost.
SpainBcn lunch on Friday and Saturday are included in the program cost: sandwich-package, fruit and drink are prepared by SpainBcn School and served for all teen summer programs participants on beach days (Fridays) and the excursion days (Saturdays).
RULES: this is a supervised summer program and students have to follow the program rules, the School rules and the host family rules. At the host family, students are expected to make his/her own bed, help to keep the room tidy, leave the bathroom clean. 1 or 2 laundries per week will be provided.

CURFEW: The program's curfews will be strictly enforced. Students are not allowed to be away from their home in Barcelona overnight (after 11:00 pm). Host families or the School can not be responsible for a participant who does not respect the program rules. A student bad behaviour may then result in the school contacting the parents/guardian. They will need to speak with their child and,inmediately, solve the problem.

NOTE ABOUT PARENTS' PERMISSION: Parent/s or tutor/s who want to permit their children to go out after dinner time have to send to the school a formal permission slip exhonerating SpainBcn and the host family of all responsibilities.
NOTE: SpainBcn and the host family are not responsible for student who does not follow the program's rules. It might also happen that the Spanish host family does not want to have at home those students who want to go out and night (even though they have their parents permission) so they will ask to the School to move the student to a diferent accommodation.

Any questions? SummerBarcelona@SpainBcn.com