SpainBcn-Programs Barcelona offers International Mobility Erasmus+ training courses. Spanish courses all levels and CLIL. English courses with native English teachers and theater class in English. TIC courses for erasmus mobility training. Quality educational study trips, Spanish and Cultural programs in Barcelona, Spain.

School Innovation - ICT Courses

Dates and content of courses are fixed according to needs and requests.
Current open dates:
January 23-27 (in English)
March 20-24 (in Spanish)
June 26-30 (in English)
July 24 -28 (in English)
* Course will be in Spanish OR English according to your choice and level of language.

* Other levels or dates will be opened upon request. 
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* These courses can be taught In Spanish OR In English. Let us know your interest.
ICT - 1 Week, in Spanish OR in English (from B1)
ICT - 2 Week, in Spanish OR in English (from B1)
ICT & CLIL - 1 Week, in Spanish OR in English (from B1)

Choose your course/s contents and number below.

* Creativity & ICT in the classroom - SCHOOL ICT 101 

* Using technology in classroom -  SCHOOL ICT 102 

* Teaching the fun way in the digital era: Game based learning - SCHOOL ICT 103

Creating Digital Educational Resources - SCHOOL ICT 105
* Mastering soft skills - SCHOOL ICT 200

ICT courses + language course - SCHOOL ICT 300* S

* ICT courses specially designed for those interested in applying new technologies in their classes to also empower and support of learning. We’ll see an outlook on best apps, educational platforms, social networks and digital resources in general.

SpainBcn-Programs in Barcelona
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    Educational Institutions, Primary-Secondary. Teachers, schools leaders, administration members and other staff.
    UNIVERSITIES: Academic staff, teaching, non.teaching  and administrative staff
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain.
    Our address: c/ Pare Lainez, 19  - 08025 Barcelona - (Office)
    * There are different school locations depending on the SpainBcn-Program and dates you attend. Make sure to contact us!
    PIC number: 933769240 - OID: E10139423 
  • Course fee : 350€ including all material + Extracurricular activity (free) guided tour in the old Barcelona.
  • Added value of the mobility (in the context of the modernization and internationalization strategies of the institutions involved):
    Increased cooperation with international partners .
    Improving the skills for using English or Spanish in an Academic Environment .
    Rich talks and discussions with people form Europe.
    Exploring the links and opposites of every culture and nation.

international mobility courses Erasmus+ KA1 Teachers and Universities
international mobility courses Erasmus+ KA1 Teachers and Universities
international mobility courses Erasmus+ KA1 Teachers and Universities
international mobility courses Erasmus+ KA1 Teachers and Universities
Erasmus+ KA1 courses mobility training in Barcelona, Spain
Staff training mobility courses in Barcelona
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